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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you uncertain whether your business needs a website? We have created this FAQ to assist you in making this decision. If you still have questions about your choice please contact us, we are at your disposal to clarify any doubts.

The main purpose of a web site is to become an affiliate of your company, with ability to get customers and perform services even while you are sleeping and your business is closed. In addition to publicizing your products and services, you can work with the most cost-effective marketing of the company.

Among the expenses that involves the maintenance of a website we can mention=> The amount paid annually referring to the domain of the site and the monthly value corresponding to the hosting of the site.

Google is currently the most used search engine in Brazil, due to its simplicity and efficiency in information searches on the internet. Upon completion of the site, we will do the registration on the Google search engine, and your site will appear in the search with the best possible settings.

Institutional Site It is a website that describes the products and aims to drive consumers to the traditional purchase. In addition to contain information about the company, such as history, location, and a contact form.

E-commerce In addition to the benefits offered by a website, e-commerce differs by having a store module with categories, product descriptions, among other functions. The visitor can buy the products directly through the site.

Portal They are web pages that serve as a direct access point to a set of services and information. It has mainly specific systems to manage large volumes of information, for example, a real estate agent can manage all available properties and their photos for purchase and rent online and, above all, allow visitors to easily search various properties on your site.

The amount charged for the development of the site may vary depending on the features and functionality that it has. A tool used in an intelligent way, corresponds positively to the time and money invested.

Website hosting is the service of storing a website and providing it constantly on the internet, that is, the hosting service will enable your site to be viewed 24 hours a day around the world. When you make a website and want other people to see it, you will have to publish (or upload) your site through a website hosting service. Hosting plans will also allow you to use personalized emails with your name and domain (eg, [email protected]). Other services can still be associated with your hosting plan, such as database, access statistics, among several others.

A professional email is the one used by companies with their own address eg [email protected] different from the free emails that are made available by providers or companies such as [email protected] and name @ gmail. with E-mail revolutionized the way people and businesses communicated, nowadays we spend a lot of time checking incoming or outgoing emails, it's quick and inexpensive to practice.

Registering the domain is the first step to having a website and is the fastest way to be found on the internet. Choose a domain name that represents you, your company, or your brand. To register a .BR, .AR or .PY terminated domain, you must enter a domain-defined document to define you as the owner of this domain. We also recommend that you register your domain with other endings, such as .COM, .Net and .ORG, so that you have exclusivity in the name you choose, preventing your competitors from registering similar names and making it easier for your audience to find you. Hiring your domains is valid for 1 year. At the end of this period, you must make the renewal if there is an interest in keeping them or you can opt for a longer term registration agreement.

The choice of a domain is very important. But this must be unique, you can choose it, as long as there is no other with equal name. This name should be linked to your brand or product so that it is easy to remember for your customer.