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Nowadays a company having a website on the Internet is no longer an option and has become a necessity. Some companies may not even be thinking about having a website, but surely their competition already has or is planning on having. For a company or to advertise a product/service, the best way these days is through the internet, where your brand is exposed 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Vinenzo has as a specialization the Creation of Manageable Sites, that is, you can have total control over your own site, changing content, inserting or deleting news, information, galleries and more. Therefore you become independent to effect your changes within the site as you wish.


Why Have a Responsive Website?

Currently, having a web page has become essential for companies of all sizes and segments. The site is the gateway to your company on the internet, ideally it conforms to the international W3C standard and works properly on mobile devices.

Advantages of a responsive website?

One of the advantages of having a responsive website is that the layout fits any size of screen and not specific devices. In other words, the site will automatically adjust regardless of the model of the user's device.

The ideal is to provide the user with an easy and agile experience, he should find what he seeks without difficulties. Responsiveness has become a necessity, as a result of which the growth of your business can be leveraged by your site.



Our sites are already created following Google's Webmaster Guidelines, and have already come out with good Onpage SEO practices and internal linking, thereby increasing your chances of success in SEO campaigns for conversion optimization and organic traffic gain.

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